Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/8 Part I: Let me see YOUR Yo-Yo tricks!

One of the events that saved my Saturday today was the 3rd Annual Yo-Yo Nation Competition, held at South Street Seaport, featuring some of the world's best yo-yoers vyg into for the top spot. It was so cool to watch!! Those guys have all these fancy tricks and really make it a performance with how they moved the yo-yo around their body and to the music.

Check out the pics and videos of the final set of contenders, all champs of their country or state!

PICS: 7 champs in the final round! Full Album here.

VIDEOS: "Proof I'm Awesome" - Check out all of the winner is the very last guy, who is so lighting fast! I left before finding who won--who do you think? Once they post the results, we'll see who's right!

Finalist #1: Champ from Japan

Finalist #2: Champ from France

Finalist #3: From NYC, forgot his title, hehe

Finalise #4: Champ from Brazil

Finalist #5: Champ from Prague

Finalist #6: Defending Champ - NYC

Finalist #7: Former Champ


Weekend Recap: 8/7-8/9

This weekend was a bit of a toss up, since I was suppose to be back in GA for the weddings of two of my friends, but it didn't work out in the end for me, I'm so very sad to say! I really wanted to be back, but I send lots of love to you two and can't wait to see your pictures: ). Congrats!

So, here's how things are shaking so far:

FRI 8/7

Met up with Mai-Lise for a mini-food tour to Adrienne's Pizza in the Financial District.
Verdict: it's light, square, and fresh. It's also tucked away on a cobble stoned street in the Financial District, which makes it even cuter.
Have a great time on your family vacay, M-L!

SAT 8/8

1. Caught up with Becca W. and Karrie G. to see Julie & Julia!
  • Thoughts: cute movie about two parallel stories of Julia Childs and Julie Powell (the real one lives in LIC!), their life in and out of the kitchen. I liked that they were juxtaposed side by side, w/o their worlds actually crossing in real time (almost at one point towards the end) and it was a new, refreshing way to see a story unfold, which I appreciated. The food is delicious on screen and makes me want to have dinner parties all the time (along with being able to cook and have my blog become a hit that becomes a book and movie...haha uh huh).
  • Would I recommend it? I say yes, it's a fun movie to see for people especially interested in food and gives people encouragement to pursue what they love, no matter what age.

2. Then I grabbed a free McCafe with Karrie (Thanks! so yummy) and got lunch with Grace L. at Blend in LIC. It's a Latin fusion restaurant, and I really enjoyed the arepa w/ poached egg and turkey! Grace's grilled steak and plantains were delicious too: ) Very well priced and portioned dishes. I'll go again!

The next two events I went to deserve their own posts, so keep reading - 3rd Annual Yo-Yo Nation Competition and Angie+Alex's Housewarming Party!

The rest of the evening was filled with seeing two different improv shows, but the night itself was a bad improv so wasn't so smooth. Still, thanks Cam-Cam for hanging out and making the best of it all hehe.

Ah, tomorrow is a new day: )

Friday, August 7, 2009

Weekender: 8/7-8/9

Really quick list, and then I can run and play before the sun goes down! For details, go to and click on "Upcoming Events" or "Freebies"--or just ask me!: )

Weekend Plans:

Fri 8/7
  • 7p: Pizza dinner!
  • Catching up on SYTYCD finale and laundry: )

Sat 8/8 - it's a prosperous day in Chinese!

  • 10a-12p Morning movie! Julie & Julia: )
  • 1p: Lunch with Grace!
  • 11a-5p: 3rd Annual Yo-Yo Competition - Finals! South St Seaport
  • 5p: Cousin's lovely housewarming/dinner party/sunset watching
  • 8p: Powerpoint Battle to the Death (haha), $5
  • Getting all my freebies in too! 88 Cent Cold Stone (Astor Place loc), 1 cent sharpies: )

Sun 8/9

  • 630-10p: Swing Moon Dance at Pier 54 - last night, big band swing! I'm really going to try to go!
  • Freebies: 8 cent cupcakes at Buttercup Bake Shop on 72nd (yes please!)

Hope to see you!

A lot of "HAHA" and Groovin'!

Last night was a hilarious evening!

Gina and I went to the first taping of the 4th season of Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham" and had a great time. The comedians were great, and our favorite one was Joe Mande (, who made fun of all the food blogs for people who are self-proclaimed much as we are "breathies" and "sleepies"...haha, I know I can't do it justice at all, but it was good. I sent out an email on NYColor about how to get tix, but let me know if you need info (tapings until Sunday).

Host: Jim Jeffries
To cool off our laughing, we headed over to Lincoln Center for the last bit of "Hip Hop Next Generation" and jammed to some cool Sierre Lone beats!

Lincoln Center "Out of Doors" just kicked off, so many more fun nights to come!
Yay, weekend!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little taste of Athens in NY...

Word on the street (or from Briana W. and Becca W.--thanks for the heads up!)--Athens favorite coffee shop JITTERY JOES is opening it's doors to New Yorkers tomorrow Thursday 8/6!! It's the first store outside of the southeast (it's only in GA, really), so it's exciting to have a taste of Athens here. It'll be at 216 E. 45th St. Let me know what you think!

Another taste of Athens...lovely GA girls out to wish Kim C. a Happy Birthday tonight at Rio Grande!! So wonderful to see each of you and catch up. Lots of exciting things to look forward to for each of you: )

Happy Happy!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ryan + Char Get a New 'Do - for Free!

Today was another fun lunch hour (well, 2 hours: ) adventure with Ryan and Char at Bumble and Bumble (56th btwn Lex and 3rd Ave)!

Both of us were in desperate need of a haircut, and since our office is right around the corner from BnB, we went in last Monday for our "Model Hair Consultation". It is then I met Lenny, a stylist-in-training from Long Island, who took one look at me and said, "We definitely need to use razor", which I found out means to create a softer effect and make my hair less thick (I do/well DID: ) have a lot of it!).

He was great--the senior stylists were there to offer guidance from start to finish, but he knew what he wanted to do (keeping what I wanted in mind too) and just had them check his progress. Still, he wasn't over confident or arrogant, like some can be, but took their suggestions to heart, and it resulted in a cut that I'm really happy with! And I mentioned it was FREE right?: )

Drumroll, Before and After pics!

Char BEFORE - long and heavy

Char AFTER - ta da! light and free!

Ryan BEFORE (his "Beatles" look)....and AFTER - so cool: )

It works! To get YOUR Free cut at Bumble and Bumble, just go to the salon (there are 2 locations) on a Monday between 10a-4p to get your hair looked at, and then book a time with your stylist for another Monday (or even the same day, if he or she has an availability). Or you can call Lenny directly - 917-399-0018.

Yay, <3 New York!