Monday, June 21, 2010

NYRewind: My 12 in. for Wigs for Kids!

As some of you know, I've been thinking about donating my hair after ballroom competition season ended, and yesterday (wow, was it really only yesterday?  it feels like so much has happened this weekend!), I happened to have a free afternoon, so in the morn I called up the salon I've been considering for a while (good reviews on Yelp, plus they're very donation friendly), made an appt, and did it!! 

I went to the trendy Bloom Beauty Lounge in Chelsea and met with stylist Justin Born, who did an incredible job...and was so nice to get to know too.  It was such a fun experience overall!  And it went something like this...


Cutting off the 12 in. from the back...and shorter and shorter it goes!

And AFTER! ta da!


This is the shortest I've ever gotten it (the back, at least), and I didn't have anything specific I wanted, but it turned out better than I imaginged!  Thanks so much, Justin!!  I really love my new true NY haircut, and it was great to show it off to my friends right away later that evening and this morning...and is the perfect new look for this new 25 year old: ).  It was half off of a normal cut, so it was a nice deal for a good cause too.
Here you go, Wigs for Kids - thanks for giving me an opportunity to donate!  If you have long hair (8-12 in, depending on where you donate) - I encourage you to do it too!