Monday, August 10, 2009

Cutest Dog Competition: Meet Gemma

This is a great work pastime: check out the Cutest Dog Competition!

My co-worker Katie R. put up a picture of her 4 year old and would love for you to vote for her this week, until 8/14! Her name is Gemma, and she was rescued from a NY animal shelter.

Vote here!

Jeffry's NY Restaurant Recos (in 5 Minutes)

If there was a contest for most restaurant recommendations in 5 minutes, I would put my money on my friend Jeffry C. (we're childhood friends from GA, same b-day, knows how to eat his way around NY (esp Japanese: ), obviously!).

We were looking for a dinner place for another HS friend Ken L., who's coming in town this weekend, and after 25 fb messages back and forth (granted, there are 7 people chatting haha), Jeboody came back with this great list first thing this morning that I wanted to share (I reformatted it so it's prettier, hehe), and so I can keep it on file for later! Let me know if you're interested in trying anything with me!

JEFFRY'S QUICK NY RESTAURANT LIST (that I stole from our FB converstions):
If you want...

  • oh taisho! will be ok w/more than 6 people, i've been there w/ more. but of course, you'd have to wait.
  • alternatives: go! sushi or that yokoso restaurant above the supermarket nearby. i can't remember the name
  • you should go to ippudo (we're going!) and get kogashi miso ramen.
  • if you got a hankerin (we're from the south? haha) for katsu, go to katsu-hama like charlene (me!) suggested, it is really good. don't let the indian waiters fool you, it's a pretty japanese place.
  • the takoyaki/okonomiyaki (no idea what it is, but i'm ordering it!) place is called otafuku. both their takoyaki and okonomiyaki are good. but any place you go to like oh! taisho is going to have this stuff.

...Italian by a japanese chef - (interesting)

  • go to dieci on 10th b/w 1st & 2nd.
  • there's also basta pasta, a lot more japanese influence here.

...French, try la sirene, pretty good., try artichoke (14th b/w 1st & 2nd ave) or bleeker st pizza (bleeker st and something)

...Mexican style corn and you're in soho/nolita area, go to at cafe habana (elizabeth & prince - the to-go place).

...brunch, go to jane or the smith (smith on sunday, only day they serve brunch). their country breakfast is good (cuz of cheddar grits - yum!) and french toast. i know jane takes reservations so that's useful. of course there are more popular brunch places out there but these are good alternatives to waiting in line.


  • momofuku milk bar is worth going to for the blueberry cream or cornflake/marshmellow/chocolate cookie.
  • nearby all of this is also chikalicious to-go place (and the regular restaurant), but get the sundae and/or smores cupcake at the chikalicious to-go place.
  • and if you're ever in Midtown East, where bloomingdale's is, go inside bloomie's to 40 carrots and get their froyo.


I bet there are many other restaurants he would suggest if asked, but I'm just saying--this is impressive for for an immediate response, right? Thanks for letting me share your picks, Jeffry: ).

What do you think, out there? I think it's time to eat!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

8/8 Part II: Angie+Alex's Housewarming!

After being amazed by the yo-yo skillz (yes, they deserve a z) of the yo-yo kids, I headed over to my cousin Angie's apt for a housewarming dinner party! She and her fiancee Alex just moved to Midtown West a few weeks ago with their dog Scout, and I'm happy to see them settled in already and really enjoying the new place. It was fun meeting their friends and having a delicious meal. Thanks again for having me over!

MENU: Strawberry Spinach Salad, Delicious Yam +Veggies Soup, Grilled shrimp, and Black Forest Cake! I forgot to take a picture of the figs + goat cheese, but those were a hit too:D

FUN: one of the endless fun things you can do with the iPhone (pics from Andrew's phone: ). Took some coordination, but we did it! Nice teamwork!

+ =

The end product:

1: Dinner Guests - perfect, 8 on 8/8! So lucky.

2: our love children

3: Look who else showed up!

And yes, we had a Housewarming Song to wish them a Happy...Warm House haha.

Look forward to seeing everyone again at Bonnie's Lincoln Center Out of Doors performance today at 12!