Thursday, February 3, 2011

NYChar Lunch Adventure: Free Pizza from Tresanti, Soho (1 Hr Left to Get Yours!)

I just got back from our late lunch adventure today @ TRESANTI, Soho with The Actor, The Musician, and...The Pizza Magician:D  We went closer to 4p, so there wasn't a line (we were told there was one earlier when it first started at 3p), and we were seated right away.  Another 10-15 min, and our pizza was served, right out of the oven.

Here are really quick highlights:

We enjoyed the personal pizzas (4 slices) from the new Italian restaurant, which was topped with fresh tomato, mozz, and basil (the Margherita).  The normal price for the pizza is $12-14, depending when you go, so we got a good deal! 

It is a very thin sliced pizza, so you don't feel too heavy after you eat it, which is nice for me, but I can imagine that some guys might have to eat a little more to really get full.  To be fair, the waiter said these were "sample sizes" more or less, so the actual order would be slightly bigger.  For what we got, we liked a lot.

I always enjoy when the lines between the kitchen and dining area are a little blurred, so it was fun to see the chefs saucing the dough and putting it in the oven right behind us.  There's a homey feel to it too.  Should be a pretty cool spot to hang out, and from what I remember, the bar area is decent too.

Overall consensus is that Yes - we'd go back for another try!  For now, we really enjoyed our afternoon snack and look forward to finishing
out this work day with a happy stomach: )

You have 1 more hour (until 6p) to go get one yourself!  Enjoy!
Tresanti Trattoria
15 Watts Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 300-3162

Thanks to Grub Street for the heads up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NYColor Giveaway: $25 to Uncle Jack's (Thanks to

UPDATE: Congrats to GER D. for winning the gift card!  And because I like surprises, I am taking CHRISTY H. to Shake Shack on me for winning 2nd: )  Thanks for playing!

It is very appropriate that this is the 201st post, being that today is Feb 1st (2/01)!  How fun.  And that's more than enough reason to giveaway a $25 gift card to Uncle Jack's Steakhouse!

For the best deal, go during lunch (see the MENU) and get a great sandwich or burger under $25, or pay $5 dollars more for the Lunch Surf and Turf (that's what we got last time - it's really good!).  You can follow their specials on Twitter too:

Uncle Jack's - Lunch Surf and Turf, $30
Thank you to Angie at for providing the gift card for this giveaway, and you can go to the website to subscribe to get her emails about upcoming show deals!  She currently has half off ORCH seats to Billy Elliot and Memphis, and a good deal for Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles.

TO WIN: Let's make it an easy giveaway - Simply POST your favorite theater show on the NYColor Facebook Page (click HERE!), and I'll pick a random post # as the winner at 5p today! 

Enjoy: )