Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Recap: 8/7-8/9

This weekend was a bit of a toss up, since I was suppose to be back in GA for the weddings of two of my friends, but it didn't work out in the end for me, I'm so very sad to say! I really wanted to be back, but I send lots of love to you two and can't wait to see your pictures: ). Congrats!

So, here's how things are shaking so far:

FRI 8/7

Met up with Mai-Lise for a mini-food tour to Adrienne's Pizza in the Financial District.
Verdict: it's light, square, and fresh. It's also tucked away on a cobble stoned street in the Financial District, which makes it even cuter.
Have a great time on your family vacay, M-L!

SAT 8/8

1. Caught up with Becca W. and Karrie G. to see Julie & Julia!
  • Thoughts: cute movie about two parallel stories of Julia Childs and Julie Powell (the real one lives in LIC!), their life in and out of the kitchen. I liked that they were juxtaposed side by side, w/o their worlds actually crossing in real time (almost at one point towards the end) and it was a new, refreshing way to see a story unfold, which I appreciated. The food is delicious on screen and makes me want to have dinner parties all the time (along with being able to cook and have my blog become a hit that becomes a book and movie...haha uh huh).
  • Would I recommend it? I say yes, it's a fun movie to see for people especially interested in food and gives people encouragement to pursue what they love, no matter what age.

2. Then I grabbed a free McCafe with Karrie (Thanks! so yummy) and got lunch with Grace L. at Blend in LIC. It's a Latin fusion restaurant, and I really enjoyed the arepa w/ poached egg and turkey! Grace's grilled steak and plantains were delicious too: ) Very well priced and portioned dishes. I'll go again!

The next two events I went to deserve their own posts, so keep reading - 3rd Annual Yo-Yo Nation Competition and Angie+Alex's Housewarming Party!

The rest of the evening was filled with seeing two different improv shows, but the night itself was a bad improv so wasn't so smooth. Still, thanks Cam-Cam for hanging out and making the best of it all hehe.

Ah, tomorrow is a new day: )