Monday, June 22, 2009

Adventures: June 22-26

What a great birthday week last week! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate!

On to the Adventures this week:
It's actually going to be short since I'm heading to Spain for a week, coming back in July, but we can still get in some fun before I go!
*RECAP* - big, delicious strawberries and some great tennis:

  • Also WED 6/24: taking my mom and brother to see a show, 2p. Likely Toxic Avenger (won Best Off-B'way Musical!:)

Freebie Alerts (click here for details)

  • 6/24: S'Mac for only $1! at the 12th st location.
  • 6/26: Pinkberry Friday - new flavors: Passion Fruit + Coconut, yay! (thanks for the heads up!)
  • Free 2-Year TimeOut magazine subscription
  • 1,831 Free Digital Prints
  • Free White Castle slider

More coming soon!