Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventures: 7/17-7/19

Easy breezy weekend!

*RECAP* - the rainy days sometimes become some of the best days...: )

[Fri 17th]
1:15p - Restaurant Week at Smith & Wollensky with Becca! 10 oz. filet mignon was good!

8p - NY Philharmonic at the Great Lawn, Central Park

Friends Val+Hubby and Key, Sushi picnic, red wine, a little bit of Copeland sacred/folksy music, a little bit of Mauler classical (happy happy and then, loud booms)...and even a lot of ::RAIN:: make up a nice Friday night! Once again, like with Shakespeare, made it to one of the last performances, through pouring rain, and still came out smiling at the end. See a pattern? Just have to go with the flow!

[Sat 18th]

130p - Had a yummy lunch at Lemongrass Grill with my friend Chris C from UGA, who just up and decided to move to NY last week! woo-hoo, welcome to the city!

430-7p Dance practice

8p - Met up with one of my closest friends from UGA, Jen Novell, who was teaching English in Spain over the last 2 years. Welcome back to the states! So amazing to catch up with you and meet the bf: )

[Sun 19th]

1030a - Harry Potter 6 at AMC (34th St theater) - only $6! I thought it was good: ). Thanks for coming with me, Jen Shue!

130p - lesson with Kristina. Gotta work on this crazy posture that's like putting on a coat while keeping my shoulders down aka the "turtle". whew

430p - church: "I desire mercy, not sacrifice"

Ready for the week? I feel like some things are going to happen this week, on the verge of something. We'll see: )

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[NYColor Giveaway]: 2 Free Vouchers - AMNH "Extreme Mammals" and More!

It's time for an NYColor Giveaway = 2 Free Vouchers - American Museum of Natural History - "Extreme Mammals" and More (a $48 value)! Yahoo!

A friend of mine used to work at the museum and gave me a pair of vouchers to see the new exhibit "Extreme Mammals", plus 2 of the other special exhibits (like Whoopi Goldberg talking to you about stars--cool yea?: ). I got to see it already over the weekend (see previous post for all the fun!), so I want to give it away to one of you (expires on 8/9, so you have to go soon!)

Leave a COMMENT below with your 1. name, 2. email, and...3. favorite ice cream! It is National Ice Cream month, after all. I will put everyone's name in a bag and pick a winner on next Wed July 22!

Thanks for playing!

Weekend Recap: Softball, Anne Hathaway, Extreme Mammals!

What a great weekend! One of the best of the summer so far: )

[FRI JULY 10th - 11a-7p]
My company took a day off work to play softball in Central Park. It was Orange against Gray...and Orange won, but only by a few runs! I think, as you can see from the pics, the teams might have been a bit uneven...haha. I enjoyed spending the day getting to know my co-workers better and being out of the office in the sun. And of course drinks afterwards at The Boathouse. Really lovely day.

JMW Softball Day 2009

[FRI+SAT JULY 10th+11th]
At 1230a (that's right, MIDNIGHT!), I met up with a few brave friends in Central Park. Together, we slept on the park's finest benches all through the night for the chance to get free tickets to see Anne Hathaway's second to last performance in Twelfth Night (Shakespeare in the Park). Proof:

After enduring the wind, rain, cold (seriously...they even sang about it in the last song! while so beautifully juxtaposing it with the light and sunshine of the you covered, Shakespeare), strawberries + nutella (that part wasn't so bad: ), plus a few random bruises...

...we just barely got the last couple of tickets!! SUCCESS! So we celebrated over Pinkberry.

The whole cast was so amazing, let alone Anne Hathaway, and it's now one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Hilariously clever and witty!! So many beautiful lines, Shakespeare. And the playfulness and celebration of love and truth was a perfect theme for our weekend too. (Photos courtesy of Google)

Now that's living in NY: ) Go Team Shakespeare (Key, Teresa, and Yvonne)--thanks for a great Twelfth Night together!

[SUN JULY 12th]
11a - Art and I took it to the courts and had a lovely early afternoon game of tennis in McCarren Park, which I discovered is really not that far from LIC, once the G train comes! Hello tan lines!

2p - Finally made my way to the American Museum of Natural History to see the new "Extreme Mammals" exhibit! Thanks to Ying and Teresa for the free vouchers! I have a pair to give away too (check out the next post!:).

We are extreme! haha. The museum is great, and if you get a chance, you should check it out!

Thank God for the beautiful weekend, with old friends and new adventures, and giving us each new day to to keep enjoying with one another.