Monday, August 3, 2009

Ryan + Char Get a New 'Do - for Free!

Today was another fun lunch hour (well, 2 hours: ) adventure with Ryan and Char at Bumble and Bumble (56th btwn Lex and 3rd Ave)!

Both of us were in desperate need of a haircut, and since our office is right around the corner from BnB, we went in last Monday for our "Model Hair Consultation". It is then I met Lenny, a stylist-in-training from Long Island, who took one look at me and said, "We definitely need to use razor", which I found out means to create a softer effect and make my hair less thick (I do/well DID: ) have a lot of it!).

He was great--the senior stylists were there to offer guidance from start to finish, but he knew what he wanted to do (keeping what I wanted in mind too) and just had them check his progress. Still, he wasn't over confident or arrogant, like some can be, but took their suggestions to heart, and it resulted in a cut that I'm really happy with! And I mentioned it was FREE right?: )

Drumroll, Before and After pics!

Char BEFORE - long and heavy

Char AFTER - ta da! light and free!

Ryan BEFORE (his "Beatles" look)....and AFTER - so cool: )

It works! To get YOUR Free cut at Bumble and Bumble, just go to the salon (there are 2 locations) on a Monday between 10a-4p to get your hair looked at, and then book a time with your stylist for another Monday (or even the same day, if he or she has an availability). Or you can call Lenny directly - 917-399-0018.

Yay, <3 New York!