Friday, November 6, 2009

NYRewind: Go Go - Matsuri!

Steve L. and I met up to get some curry from Go-Go Curry on 38th b/t 7th and 8th, because we know all about free toppings when Matsui hits a home run AND it being the 5th yesterday!  Turned out even better - we got FIVE free topping coupons, plus no wait since we opted for a late lunch (yes, at 3p: )!  The curry was good, though I would have liked more pork than bread on my katsu.  Still, I got the smallest size (the "walk") and left very full!

Apparently, the lines were long earlier in the day according to, with lots of TV coverage.  I'm sure it'll be crazy at the Yankees parade today!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sign Up: VIP Tix to the World Series Championship Ceremony, 11/6!

Nice, NYC is giving away 500 VIP tix to the World Series Championship Ceremony taking place tomorrow after the parade for the Yankees.  I want to high five A-Rod, Jeter, and Matsui!!
Put your name into the LOTTERY for a chance to snag a pair! Closes at 4p today, 11/5.

Good luck!

Here are more details about the PARADE tomorrow too, starting at 11a.  Congrats to the Yankees!

Weekender: 11/6-11/8

Kicking off the list this for this weekend.  Check back for more tomorrow!

Fri 11/6:
  • 11a, Financial District: Yankees Parade - whether you rooted for them or'll be in NY, and it'll be fun to see all the crazy fans, right?: )
  • 1p: The Pond at Bryant Park opens!  Free admission, skate rentals $12 - let's go ice skating!
Sat 11/7:
Sun 11/8:
"Grab your Martha Stewart spirit and head on over to Madison Ave between 42nd and 57th Street for the annual Madison Avenue Holiday Expo. Expect to see cackles of old women fighting over crafts and other treats."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free Papa John's!

Become a facebook fan of Papa John's, and get a free medium pizza (with $10 min order)!  Expires Mon 11/9.

This is getting to be a very popular way for companies to market...I've signed up for free food from TGIF, Godiva, and Edible Arrangements already.  Hey, more free for me and you!

Pizza party, anyone?: )


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Week's Events: 11/3

NYChar's picks:


NYColor Giveaway: 11/14 - Thanksgiving Food/Wine Tasting

Happy November!

One of the best things about this month is Thanksgiving, so naturally I was excited about this event that I came across on  Proceeds go to City Harvest, which I strongly support too!

11/14 - Thanksgiving Workshop
"Does turkey taste better with white or red? What do you pair with candied yams? You be the judge! City Bakery will provide tastes of roasted turkey with all the trimmings, alongside delicious sides. Dessert included. Ten wines will be opened, from Champagne to Zinfandel. Educate your palate and have some fun. Stock up for the holidays."

NYColor Giveaway: I have 3 tickets to giveaway!  Leave a comment below with your favorite Thanksgiving food (and email), and I'll draw names randomly...or I'll pick the best 3 to complete a "meal": ) Come enjoy this food and wine event with me!  Event takes place on 11/14 @ 2p.  Contest over noon, Wed 11/11.

You can also get a ticket HERE and join us! Only $2, but isn't it more fun to come with me for free ?: )

Monday, November 2, 2009

***Happy NYColor 6 Month Anniversary!***

Dear friends:

Can you believe it?  It has been 6 months since I first started NYColor is Life, and to celebrate, I'm rolling out a new logo to welcome in even more fun in the coming months and years!  This explosion of color and excitement was designed by my friend (and cowboy: ) Benjamin Chiang, and it is inspired by people dancing (perfect!) and having the best time in NYC--I know I have!

I truly thank each of you, so much, for following along so far, for meeting up with me for the amazing adventures we've had already (can you even imagine what's next?? it's going to be awesome!!), for sharing the blog with your friends, going along with some of my crazy ideas, and loving the city as much as I have.  I have really enjoyed getting to know so many friends old and new and hearing your stories, and I'm looking forward and up to the new, "Only in NY", fantastic experiences we're going to have together.  The possibilities in NY truly are endless, so keep loving and living it up - Ready, Set...Go!