Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy PI Day - Mon 3/14!

UPDATE: Here are my PI day foods - PIna Colada (found it, yay!) + PIneapple PIzza (just missing PIE, and then I'm all set!).

Woo-hoo, PI Day is on Monday!  There are many fun ways to celebrate, but here are a few of my favorite (source):
  • Eat and Drink PI - PIneapple, PIne Nuts, PIna Coladas (yes please!), PIzza, PIckles, and PIe, of course!
  • Run PI miles - 3.14!
  • Get Married on 3/14 @ 1:59:26 PM - forever love (I would consider it in the future!)
  • Listen to PI music - like American Pie!
And here's one from Erin S. of Celebrate and support a good cause by picking up delicious sweet and savory pies and other treats from Pi Gluten-Free (, a new local gluten-free baked goods company.  You can find them at a few spots in Brooklyn (shop) - thanks for sharing, Erin!

Send over any other ideas!  Happy PI Day!