Friday, August 21, 2009

Burn the Floor!

Tonight after a crazy crazy day, met up with my dear friend Becca W., who gave me an extra ticket for the new ballroom show that just opened on Broadway, Burn the Floor. It was HOT! SO much energy, packed with really great ballroom dancers (pretty much all Latin), great costumes, and amazing bodies haha. Plus, guess who I saw...(I know you're going to scream, Tony...: )

ANYA AND PASHA from So You Think You Can Dance!! They are the feature couple, after Maxim and Karina finished their debut. Pasha is so nice, I wanted to talk to him all night: )

Thank you so much to Becca, the amazing runner who just finished her first half marathon this weekend (NY) - your friendship is the best...and love going to shows with you too!!

Top Chef Premiere! Las Vegassss

Yes, another season of Top Chef is ON! I actually haven't seen the past few seasons b/c I thought it got a little old after a while...but after a few seasons, and watching the finale of the Top Chef Masters show, I think I can get into it again this season. Lots of different personalities on the show this year, though tattoo chefs seem to be the thing this year. And sorry, couldn't tell if Ashley was a girl or guy...but I think she's a girl. Next week's show will tell us for sure, b/c it's girls v. boys!

We wanted to kick this show off with a little dinner and catching up, so we put on our cowboy hats (I had a bunch extra from work haha) and had a nice evening together! Thanks to Greg R. for cooking such a yummy dinner! Look forward to the next one: )

Yeehaw! Las Vegas! haha
TOP CHEF - Las Vegas - on Bravo, Wednesdays at 10p

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Happens When a Ken Liu Comes in Town...

We love having old friends come in town because it gives those of us from CHS already here the perfect excuse to get together (since just living in the same city isn't enough: )...hehe, it feels like old times anyways, don't you think? No time lost, just new memories to make together...

So great you could come for a visit, Ken! I really think you and JJ made the most of your trip: ).

Here's how it all happened:

11AM - Started my morning standing in a room full of smelly guys of all sizes wearing white and running back and forth on a gray panel, attached to a wire, no less, with a long sabre = yes, that's right, fencing! Went to see Jerry L. do his thing against US Olympians and the bunch, and it was such a neat experience! Thanks for inviting me, Jerry!

8PM - I enjoyed the afternoon, and then we all met up for dinner at Ippudo! I've heard such good things but never had a chance to go. It was quite an experience, much in part to having to wait 2 hours before getting seated! But, no worries, because the "it was life changing". I think I ate it too quick b/c I was so hungry haha, but it was good! (grabbed some photos from Ken's fb album too: ).

While we waited though, we enjoyed Momofuku's Milk Bar, where my new friend Steven hooked us up with soft serve, cereal milk, and each of the cookies! Delicious!

11PM - Ended the night at my favorite drink/lounge place, Wine Bar near St. Marks!

One more breakfast on their last day! Met up at Essa-A-Bagel, "The Best Bagels in NY".

Until next time!