Saturday, August 8, 2009

8/8 Part I: Let me see YOUR Yo-Yo tricks!

One of the events that saved my Saturday today was the 3rd Annual Yo-Yo Nation Competition, held at South Street Seaport, featuring some of the world's best yo-yoers vyg into for the top spot. It was so cool to watch!! Those guys have all these fancy tricks and really make it a performance with how they moved the yo-yo around their body and to the music.

Check out the pics and videos of the final set of contenders, all champs of their country or state!

PICS: 7 champs in the final round! Full Album here.

VIDEOS: "Proof I'm Awesome" - Check out all of the winner is the very last guy, who is so lighting fast! I left before finding who won--who do you think? Once they post the results, we'll see who's right!

Finalist #1: Champ from Japan

Finalist #2: Champ from France

Finalist #3: From NYC, forgot his title, hehe

Finalise #4: Champ from Brazil

Finalist #5: Champ from Prague

Finalist #6: Defending Champ - NYC

Finalist #7: Former Champ