Monday, October 29, 2012

::Happy Fall-o-ween!::

Sandy may be bringing us some tricks now (har har), but here are four super easy Fall treats to make while you're home and maybe have some time to spare - Dirt 'n Worms, Monster Mash, Mummy Hot Dogs, Spooky Spiders!    

We made these over the weekend to celebrate Fall-o-ween, but they make great Sandy-ween snacks too!


1. DIRT 'n WORMS - A childhood classic that I've actually never made before: ).
NEED: Chocolate Pudding, Oreos, Gummy Worms, Clear Cups
DIRECTIONS: Grind Oreos in food processor if available (otherwise, good ol' mashing), and then go to town with layering with chocolate pudding in clear cup.  Add gummy worms and enjoy!

NEED: Kettle Corn, Candy Corn, M&Ms, Candy Eyes (optional)
DIRECTIONS: Pop and mix!  For extra flare, you can purchase cute small popcorn boxes from Target (3 pak for only $1).

3. MUMMY HOT DOGS - I really love this one because it's so quick and easy and also has lots of personality!
NEED: Crescent croissant dough (Pillsbury or store brand is fine), hot dogs, mustard.
DIRECTIONS: Unroll croissant dough, cut into strips, cover hot dog (don't forget the hat!), stick in oven at 375 degrees for 11-13 min, take out and add mustard eyes (consider using a toothpick) - and DONE (notice what people eat first - always the head heheh). 

NEED: Oreos, Peel and Pull Twizzlers
DIRECTIONS: Cut Twizzlers into sections, twist open Oreos and stick "legs" in (6 legs are even spookier than 8!), add two small pieces as eyes.


Thanks to for the easy Fall party food ideas!  See here for more.  You can also check out my Pinterest Board "Fallspiration" for others to make for another party: ) - like Donut Hole Acorns, Mozz/Almond Fingers, Apple Salad!

Do you have any other fun Fall treat ideas that we should try?  Send them over!

Stay safe everyone!!