Friday, May 13, 2011

Review: Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck

I just had the most amazing lunch to celebrate today being a Friday (because every Friday is worth celebrating!).

REVIEW: Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck
I got a tip from Thomas C. about a new truck in our area that sells lobster rolls, and I was not interested at first, because I haven't liked the lobster rolls I tried in the past (usually too much mayo, icy cold, dry bread). 
He said it was "so good" though, so I thought I'd go for a walk and check it out.

There was a longer line of people waiting to get cash to buy something from this truck than actually in line!  The wait wasn't bad at all, though there was a little bit of a back-up since more people ordered the Connecticut style (warm, in butter) than the Maine style (chilled lobster, w/ mayo), which I was told is usually more popular (it's not as sunny today).
There are really only 2 options - lobster and shrimp.  I've read the shrimp roll is good as well, but today we were all about lobster.  I went straight for the Connecticut style lobster roll that comes with a pickle, and I got the "Hook Up" combo like everyone else that included the Cape Cod chips (sea salt + vinegar) and Maine Root soda (blueberry!), for $2 more, so it's worth getting.  Everything together really was "so good" and absolutely delicious.  It was packed with lobster chunks, and the bread was toasted and buttered up as well.  Every bite was great (I had to use a fork, as a heads up!)

While it costed $18 for the combo ($16 for the lobster roll alone; well over standards: ), it was perfect for a Friday treat!

This one is for sure a big YAY, especially in Tribeca, but I don't think I could (or should: ) frequent it more than 2 times a month - again, it's a little pricy for a weekday lunch and healthwise might not be the best idea.  Still, I hope it comes back to our area because I definitely want to have it again (and so do my co-workers, after they saw what I brought back!)

Still around today - catch them if you can!

Happy Friday, all: )