Friday, August 21, 2009

Burn the Floor!

Tonight after a crazy crazy day, met up with my dear friend Becca W., who gave me an extra ticket for the new ballroom show that just opened on Broadway, Burn the Floor. It was HOT! SO much energy, packed with really great ballroom dancers (pretty much all Latin), great costumes, and amazing bodies haha. Plus, guess who I saw...(I know you're going to scream, Tony...: )

ANYA AND PASHA from So You Think You Can Dance!! They are the feature couple, after Maxim and Karina finished their debut. Pasha is so nice, I wanted to talk to him all night: )

Thank you so much to Becca, the amazing runner who just finished her first half marathon this weekend (NY) - your friendship is the best...and love going to shows with you too!!