Friday, August 21, 2009

Top Chef Premiere! Las Vegassss

Yes, another season of Top Chef is ON! I actually haven't seen the past few seasons b/c I thought it got a little old after a while...but after a few seasons, and watching the finale of the Top Chef Masters show, I think I can get into it again this season. Lots of different personalities on the show this year, though tattoo chefs seem to be the thing this year. And sorry, couldn't tell if Ashley was a girl or guy...but I think she's a girl. Next week's show will tell us for sure, b/c it's girls v. boys!

We wanted to kick this show off with a little dinner and catching up, so we put on our cowboy hats (I had a bunch extra from work haha) and had a nice evening together! Thanks to Greg R. for cooking such a yummy dinner! Look forward to the next one: )

Yeehaw! Las Vegas! haha
TOP CHEF - Las Vegas - on Bravo, Wednesdays at 10p