Sunday, August 9, 2009

8/8 Part II: Angie+Alex's Housewarming!

After being amazed by the yo-yo skillz (yes, they deserve a z) of the yo-yo kids, I headed over to my cousin Angie's apt for a housewarming dinner party! She and her fiancee Alex just moved to Midtown West a few weeks ago with their dog Scout, and I'm happy to see them settled in already and really enjoying the new place. It was fun meeting their friends and having a delicious meal. Thanks again for having me over!

MENU: Strawberry Spinach Salad, Delicious Yam +Veggies Soup, Grilled shrimp, and Black Forest Cake! I forgot to take a picture of the figs + goat cheese, but those were a hit too:D

FUN: one of the endless fun things you can do with the iPhone (pics from Andrew's phone: ). Took some coordination, but we did it! Nice teamwork!

+ =

The end product:

1: Dinner Guests - perfect, 8 on 8/8! So lucky.

2: our love children

3: Look who else showed up!

And yes, we had a Housewarming Song to wish them a Happy...Warm House haha.

Look forward to seeing everyone again at Bonnie's Lincoln Center Out of Doors performance today at 12!