Sunday, September 23, 2012

NYColor Recap: Sat 9/22

Quick Saturday Recap:
  • DIM SUM: Took the gang to try Oriental Garden (14 Elizabeth St).  Here's what we thought: 
    • PRO - The food comes out HOT like it was just cooked, with the option to order your faves (radish cakes + taro crispies!), and we were seated pretty quickly a little after noon (would have been no wait around 1130am!).  
    • CON - Loses a bit of the full dim sum cart experience and energy, like in Jing Fong next door, and costs a few dollars more - especially if you eat as much as we do: ).  Boys also didn't think the bathroom was laid out very "feng shui" haha.
    • CONSENSUS - For first-timers, out-of-towners and bigger groups (10+), I would still recommend going to Jing Fong because it is the "Times Square" of dim sum and can accommodate a lot of people.  Then after that, OG should be a good go-to place to keep on your list, as I know there are others (like Golden Unicorn and Red Egg) that people enjoy as well.  The point is that you dim sum often - it's delicious! 
[Side bar: For some reason, it still amazes me that any Chinese restaurants have their own websites, and they're nice!  Is it just a NY thing? haha]
  • DRINKS: I had a lot to drink today!
    • KUNG FU TEA: I tried the "fig jelly" tea today for the first time - liked it.  I like this place mostly for the name, but I know it is a lot of people's favorite.
    • ARGO TEA: White Tea and Acai Squeeze - refreshing after dance practice!
    • CAFE BENE: Pre show iced coffee.  Really cute Korean cafe at 49th and B'way - recommended spot to meet up with friends before seeing a show!
  • HESTER STREET FAIR: A short walk from Oriental Garden at Hester + Essex (website) - read about the Stylist Tent event going on, but just ended up browsing everything, since it's not too big!  It's cute, got some jewelry (I usually do at these street fairs: ) - I'd go again, especially to try the food!
  • THE BALL NY: It's where I have dance practice/lessons- if you're looking for a place: )
  • NAILS: I try to snag Groupon nail deals when I can, but my Manhattan place for competition or just because nails that I can go anytime is off of 7th Ave at 27th St (a block from Argo Tea) - don't know the name, but only $19+tax, the cheapest I've found in the area, so far!
  • BROADWAY: Watched Cyrano de Bergerac with Luiza R. - he does have quite the nose, but it is the words and the acting that the characters in the play and audience fall in love with.  Cyrano was incredible.  Fair warning that I was teary the ending scenes of the play, but it was enjoyable throughout.
That's it, called it an early night...that still has me up at 4am haha.  Onward to Sunday!