Sunday, August 28, 2011

Game. Set. Match.

We made it through the night, right?  It still remains uncertain as to when NYC will be back up and running, but let's enjoy this time "off" while we can (but still staying indoors and safe, if possible).

It's still windy and a little rainy in my part of town, but other parts of the eastern seaboard are still seeing the affects of this hurricane turned tropical storm (and newscasters are already talking about the next one - named Jose!).  I hope and pray that our friends in NC, VA, NJ and other affected areas will keep your head up and have hope for the better day that will come soon.

So what can we look forward to next?  That would be the 2011 US Open Tennis Championships! The USTA is still projecting an 11am start time tomorrow (gates opening at 10am) but looks like a final decision will be made later tonight.  Check the website (linked above) or follow along on Twitter for the latest: @USOpen.

To prepare:
  • Check out Esquire's article on what to eat!  Definitely looking forward to trying out the lobster roll, Top Chef Master Mantuano's Wine Bar Food, ACES (where Morimoto will be making the sushi and sashimi? yes!), and my favorite - the crepes.
  • Be sure to take advantage of the American Express check-in offers on Facebook and FourSquare!  Link your card, spend $20 at concessions, restaurants, and retails stores, and get a $10 statement credit.  Awesome. And for sure check out the new US Open American Express Fan Experience.  Read about other onsite benefits here.
  • This is for a good cause: Tweet to #GONEXTCONTENDERS and Amex will donate $1 for Fresh Courts for kids - yay (I just did it - your turn!).
  • Lots of other good info can be found on - like the Men's and Women's draw, Day 1 schedule, and more about the players.
Onward to September!