Monday, January 24, 2011

NYChar Adventure: Sat 2/5 Ice Skating in LIC!

Let's go ice skating!

I recently came across a fun group called RANDOM EVENTS, and they have some neat events that I look forward to going to!  Here's one that's close to home...well, used to be close to home, since I recently moved from LIC, but this is the perfect excuse to go back for a visit!  Besides, I didn't go ice skating this winter season yet, so this checks off that box too: ).


730p: A few quick stops on the 7 train will get you to City Ice Pavilion (47-32 32nd Place), NYC's only rooftop skating rink, and for only $8 includes - free skate rentals, lessons, and approx 3 hrs of skating!

SIGN UP: I RSVP'ed for 4, so the first 3 people who respond can come with me (!  Otherwise - to get the discount, go to the link below to sign up for the group, and then you're all set. 

More details here:
Random Events: ICE SKATING, Free skate rentals, Free lessons, extended time for ONLY $8!!!!

I have a few more events in mind to plan, so get excited!  See you soon: )