Friday, February 26, 2010

NYRewind: The Past Few Mini-ventures...

Quick photo recap of what I've been up to lately (lots of eating, of course!).  Not pictured: I also got to go to the Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray show, recently!

#1: Show Taping - Jerry Seinfeld's Marriage Ref (2/19)
Met up with Gina L., her lovely co-worker, and Greg W. to see Jerry Seinfeld's new show, the Marriage Ref @ the CBS studios!  Fortunately for gorgeous girls like these two, they pulled them from the line early to let them in, and Greg and I were some of the handful of people who got in, but then didn't get in, haha.  From Gina's text later, it sounds like it's a really funny show!!

In any case, they gave us priority tix for a show next week, so we're going for sure!

#2: Chinese New Year 2010 (2/20)
After our dance lesson, George and I went to get hand-pulled noodles (pretty delicious!), and on the way, we came across CNY festivities!  There were dragons, lions, and people everywhere, drums and symbols playing, streamers shot up from every angle...and all on a beautiful sunny day.

#3: Uncle Jack's Steakhouse - w/ our $25 gift card! (2/24)
Sam L. and I took the gift cards that Uncle Jack gave us and had a really yummy "Lunch Surf and Turf
 - petit filet mignon, petit lobster tail, side of salad, creamy spinach, and mashed potatoes!  In total, a $70 meal for a little over $25 split between us - what a deal!  P.S. this is a pretty fancy place, and I think the both of us would recommend going if you enjoy a good steak.

#4: Garden of Eden Supermarket
I had some down time between meeting up with a friend, so I stopped by a nearby supermarket to look around.  I get so inspired by beautiful, organic produce.  These purple cabbages just happen to match my fingernail polish!

#5: CU Potluck (2/26)
My cute friend I-Ching (black and white top) invited me over for a fun little potluck on a snowy day.  They cooked some tasty Taiwanese dishes (drunken chicken + mushroom soup, ma-po-tofu, short ribs!).  It was so fun to meet some of her friends too.

#6: Snowy LIC!
Just to give you a sense of the conditions today - picture on left was a nice snowy day in LIC, picture on right was today (slightly different angle)!  The idea is that the snow kept coming down and completely covered the city in the snow fog!