Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Bring out the wings, chips, beer...I enjoy this all-American day not just because it's the pinnacle of good (and bad) football games of this past season, but more so that it gathers people together in their local bars or homes to enjoy a couple of solid hours together.  Friendly rivalry.  To some, it's history in the making (possibly in this game, if the Saints go all the way...!); to me, I just like hanging out and throwing up some high 5s here and there, while trying not to stir things up too much since I'm not for or against one team or another (though, I do have more of a tie to NO b/c of my Katrina Relief trip...and ok, it's definitely more southern than Indianapolis: ).  I just hope for a good game, no big injuries - and may the best team win!  But in any case, I'm waiting until college football season starts up again: ).

There are tons of places to watch in the city, if you aren't hosting your own watch party at your place (check out TimeOut NY's Game Day picks), and while you're at it, get some free food:

Sun 2/7

  • 5:30-6:30pm: delmonico's restaurant wins our hearts while clogging our arteries with free buttermilk fried chicken, double-fried french fries and stella pints before the game. yes, all free>>

Have a great day!!