Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventures: 7/17-7/19

Easy breezy weekend!

*RECAP* - the rainy days sometimes become some of the best days...: )

[Fri 17th]
1:15p - Restaurant Week at Smith & Wollensky with Becca! 10 oz. filet mignon was good!

8p - NY Philharmonic at the Great Lawn, Central Park

Friends Val+Hubby and Key, Sushi picnic, red wine, a little bit of Copeland sacred/folksy music, a little bit of Mauler classical (happy happy and then, loud booms)...and even a lot of ::RAIN:: make up a nice Friday night! Once again, like with Shakespeare, made it to one of the last performances, through pouring rain, and still came out smiling at the end. See a pattern? Just have to go with the flow!

[Sat 18th]

130p - Had a yummy lunch at Lemongrass Grill with my friend Chris C from UGA, who just up and decided to move to NY last week! woo-hoo, welcome to the city!

430-7p Dance practice

8p - Met up with one of my closest friends from UGA, Jen Novell, who was teaching English in Spain over the last 2 years. Welcome back to the states! So amazing to catch up with you and meet the bf: )

[Sun 19th]

1030a - Harry Potter 6 at AMC (34th St theater) - only $6! I thought it was good: ). Thanks for coming with me, Jen Shue!

130p - lesson with Kristina. Gotta work on this crazy posture that's like putting on a coat while keeping my shoulders down aka the "turtle". whew

430p - church: "I desire mercy, not sacrifice"

Ready for the week? I feel like some things are going to happen this week, on the verge of something. We'll see: )