Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NYChar Pass: Come with me to BRAD PAISLEY's Concert (and meet him too!)

Guess what...tonight I randomly won a pair of VIP tickets to see this handsome man sing tomorrow 10/21 at Madison Square Garden tomorrow, plus passes to the meet and greet!!


So, yes, it means I get to take 1 real fan w/ me - because honestly, I don't really know his music, though I am "studying" and listening to as many song as I can now: ), so if you love him, this is the perfect chance to meet him in person!! Good ol' country music!

This is what I want to do: if you are a fan and are free tomorrow night, answer the questions below, and I'll pick the best one to go with me!
  1. What is your favorite country song? Preferably one of Brad Paisley's of course! (so I can be sure to listen to it before the concert: )
  2. Why should I take you?
Email them to me HERE! A winner will be chosen at 2p OR if you have a really good answer, I'll call it early! Should be a fun night for me and one of you. If anything, we can just hang out and enjoy the experience:P Enter now!

How did I win?
I was on my way to check out another event, and on the way, I heard a DJ talking from the T-Mobile store, so I glanced as I walked by and heard they were giving away tickets to the concert tomorrow night, as a tie in to their myTouch phone campaign. The DJ was from Z100 (Wendy?), and I went in the store to find out the answers to some questions about the phone, in order to get the tickets (I always figure that one of you who follow my blog can go: ).

When I went to turn my form in, the guy had just ran out of tix, so I went on my way to my original destination. Except it was over by then, so I turned around, and as I passed T-Mobile again, they were doing a drawing for the VIP package (incl VIP seats and exclusive meet and greet), so I entered for fun. Except they didn't pick a winner from there, strangely. I chatted with Wendy the DJ for a bit, and then suddenly, she was introducing me through the radio and said if I answered her Q right, I would get the VIP package! Hehe, thankfully it wasn't too hard (Q:"What is Brad's favorite phone?" A: "T-Mobile myTouch, of course!"), and that's how I came to get yet another opportunity to expand my musical palette: ).

I'm thankful to have a blog so I can share such awesome things with people...thanks for being a part of the adventure: ).