Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brad Paisley Concert Tonight! Winner is...


Thanks to EVERYONE who entered into my little contest to come see Brad Paisley with me tonight! It was so hard to pick one, so I did a drawing instead, and the winner is:
BEN C.! - congrats!

What is your favorite country song? Preferably one of Brad Paisley's of course! His upbeat songs like Online, Wrapped Around, Celebrity.

Why should I take you? I'm cute and wearing a blue plaid/picnic table cloth patterned cowboy shirt today (he sent in a picture as proof haha). And I'm from the wild wild west called LA and have been listening to country music for a long time. It's sad that there's no country format radio station in NYC! And his guest, Dierks Bentley is cute too. So I know how to spot cute cowboys and know their songs.

--> You ARE cute, Ben! Will post pics and a recap after the concert!!

"Gotta get a little mud on the tires, 'cause it's a good night to be out there soaking up the moonlight...!"