Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary, Shake Shack!! #DecadeofShack

A friend and I stopped by Shake Shack for the first day of the #DecadeofShack collaboration burgers, and of course there was a line, but it was actually not much longer than how it is normally (maybe the rain helped).  While the lady in front of us complained to the staff about the 2pp burger limit, up to the 1,000 max ("it should only be one so more people can get one" - I can go either way on this, but the person after the 1,000th burger was purchased would for sure agree with her), we still kept our fingers crossed as we slowly moved up the line.

About an hour's time passed - and we finally made it to the window to place our orders.  And success!  Still wait, 40?...Decade burgers left (apparently the #s kept going back and forth).  We got 3, either way.

About the "Piggie Shake" (Shack beef-blend topped with DBGB’s BBQ pulled pork, jalapeño mayo, Boston lettuce and mustard-vinegar slaw) - The pulled pork added juiciness and sweetness on top of the beef patty, and the jalapeno mayo was tolerable (from someone who doesn't like peppers - if you do, you might have wanted more!) and gave it a memorable taste .  The signature bun held everything together nicely, and I really liked the slaw.  Before we got one, we asked the staff if it was better than the normal burger, and she secretly nodded her head: ).  Total came out to $9.25 ($8.50 + tax, of which $1 goes back to @MadisonSquarePark) and still falls within @MidtownLunch lunch standards, but maybe not the wait time depending where you work.

All of the staff were nice, and it was overall well managed in terms of the line and burger expectations (there was a "remaining burger" count put up on the signs, which helped.   We did good work today - CHECK to Day 1 @danielboulud "Piggie Shack"!

Quick tips for the rest of the week (collab burgers until Fri 6/13)!
  • No surprise - get there as early as possible (opens at 11am!), recommend latest around 2pm - the last burger was sold by ~330pm!  Instagram friend got there at 8am and was happy with the burger, and I'm sure it will only get more busy as the week goes on (especially on Thurs the 12th, the actual anniversary day).
  • Like all NY events where waiting is involved, take a friend or two with you!  It increases your chances and makes it more fun.  It also doesn't hurt to make friends with people in front of you, just in case.  We wait for about an hour.
  • Patience is a virtue.
  • Cheese fries. Yes. You can share or not (my friend was nice enough to share: ).
  • Don't give up hope - unless it's EOD Friday 6/13, because it's back to normal (still delicious: ) burgers after Friday.
  • Have any others to add? Let me know!
Let's see how many more we can get this week (want all but especially Wed Andrew Zimmern + Thurs Daniel Humm burgers: ) - enjoy!! 
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