Monday, January 3, 2011

NYChar Review: New KTown Food Court!

We might have a new favorite hang out place in NY, and it's in KTown, right across from Woorijip - another favorite of ours.  Featuring over 200 seats, 3 floors, and free water for the long walk down 32nd st (note: from a water dispenser, but you get your choice of hot or cold: ), we foresee this new food court as a convenient place to grab a quick bite at one of the 7 restaurants (for a reasonable price, all pretty well under $10) that may rival Woorijip but won't make it obsolete (at least we hope not!).  I'm interested to see what happens on a busy day - currently, it seems inefficient with having to order everything at the front.  Let me know what you think (see photos and review from HERE).

From the NYCCravings Food Truck
As for the food options, 6 of the 7 stands are Korean (w/ Japanese and Chinese influence), naturally, but all a little different, so I look forward to trying them.  The 7th stand is one familiar to me: Bian Dang (formally NYCCravings).  I used to work next to the truck and think it's pretty good Taiwanese food, especially for this area.  There's a "Taiwanese Sampler Platter" that's only $4 that you should start with, and then you can build up to the pork chops (see left: ).

It will take a few months before it's fully ready, but it's already a cool spot to check out, even just for the Korean music videos on the 3rd floor.  Just ignore the random paintings - not sure what chocolate, popcorn, sashimi, soup spoon, and a drum w/ a pepper have in common haha.  We're also not sure what to call this place yet (don't quite like Food Gallery), but the best unofficial name to date is "Ktown Kafeteria".  Other thoughts?

Sweet Taro Ice Cream Crepe
Crepe Monster - 3rd Floor
***FREE ALERT***: One reason to check it out this week is to see Josh at Crepe Monster - a not-yep-open crepe place on the 3rd floor, because he's practicing and making savory (bul-go-gi) and sweet (w/ Chinatown Ice Cream Factory ice cream) crepes that he's giving out for FREE (after 7p).  

Our little secret - try it out! Disclaimer: this isn't an official free deal, and he only makes a few to hand out, but if you're there at 7p, you have a good shot.  I've gone 2 days in a row now to hang out and can confirm the offer.  

I'm sure we'll be back to visit soon (see how much fun we have there: ).  Enjoy!