Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8/12 - The Most Famous Meteor Shower!

I usually try not to go on the same kinds of adventures...but I love stars and especially meteor showers, and this one seems like a must see!  I know a few of you think it's cool too, hehe (thanks to Chris C. for the heads up!).

This Thurs Aug 12 - it's the PERSEID METEOR SHOWER, which the Inwood Astronomy Project says is "the most famous of all meteor showers".  We can join our IAP friends up in Inwood Hill Park (only 20 min away on the A train!) from 10p-1am for this event.  It really is the best place in Manhattan to do it.

Good thing is that it won't be freezing like when we went to see the Leonid shower back in Nov or so, and I think the sky should be pretty clear (though apparently there is a small 20% chance of rain - but that shouldn't stop us: ).  Who's in?  See you there!

Get more details and up to date information on the viewing HERE.