Monday, November 2, 2009

***Happy NYColor 6 Month Anniversary!***

Dear friends:

Can you believe it?  It has been 6 months since I first started NYColor is Life, and to celebrate, I'm rolling out a new logo to welcome in even more fun in the coming months and years!  This explosion of color and excitement was designed by my friend (and cowboy: ) Benjamin Chiang, and it is inspired by people dancing (perfect!) and having the best time in NYC--I know I have!

I truly thank each of you, so much, for following along so far, for meeting up with me for the amazing adventures we've had already (can you even imagine what's next?? it's going to be awesome!!), for sharing the blog with your friends, going along with some of my crazy ideas, and loving the city as much as I have.  I have really enjoyed getting to know so many friends old and new and hearing your stories, and I'm looking forward and up to the new, "Only in NY", fantastic experiences we're going to have together.  The possibilities in NY truly are endless, so keep loving and living it up - Ready, Set...Go!