Sunday, November 15, 2009

NYRewind: Sat 11/14 Fun!

Saturday fun:
  • Karrie, Cameron, and Tammy came with me to the City Bakery/Bottlerocket Thanksgiving Workshop, featuring 10 wines and Thanksgiving bites (turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie!).  Had a great time tasting the different wines and trying to get more flavor out of our food with the wine...but we couldn't really tell haha.  It was good, that's all that's important.

  • Afterwards, we went to the Union Square Green Market in the search for Pear Cider!  I jumped the gun early and bought apple cider first...only to find the pear cider at the booth after!  Rats! hehe, but it was still good.  I love getting a cup whenever I'm in the area.

  • Lastly, we stopped by the new apple store on 67th and Broadway to check it out!  It's big like a warehouse, with tall ceilings.  It's more convenient for me to go there than the other store on 5th Ave, if I ever need anything.

Nice weekend!