Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NYRewind: Free Flatbread from Jamba Juice 11/17

Just got back from getting my free CA flatbread from Jamba Juice!  I work right around the 53rd St and Lex store, so I stopped by right at 2p, hoping there wouldn't be a line - and there wasn't (for a free food event, it was nothing, maybe 10 min tops: ).


What did I think?  Pretty good for free.  It was light, somewhat fillling (for me, but I'm a small person: ), so probably more like a big chip for everyone else, but I don't think I'd pay for it, because it's a little more than what is worth to me.  But the prickly pear sample I might get again.  In any case, best if you go and get one now!

First 150 people until 5p today.  Midtown location (53rd and Lex) is quick, so head over!