Friday, August 28, 2009

Drinking with Gary V. on!

As many of you know, I won the drawing to be one of the guests at Gary Vaynerchuk's table yesterday, and I had such a great time!! The taping took place at the Roger Smith Hotel on 47th and Lex, and it was right on the corner so people could stop and watch the show too.

The episode focused on French wines, and it definitely gave me a greater appreciation for wine and the depth you can go in smelling and tasting it. I learned so much, and it's incredible how sensitive our senses can be. I realized that I only know the basics (sweet, sour, bitter), and there are so many more levels of taste and smell that we can develop to enjoy a food or drink even more. Will work on that, but in the meantime, my fave wine of the show was the 3rd one, the Beaujolais, and I am hoping to have it with a nice fish dinner sometime soon!

Thanks Gary for opening my senses to something new to enjoy! Also looking forward to reading your new book, "Why NOW is the time to Crush It! Cash in on your passion". Love "sniffy sniff" haha.

A big thanks also to my new friend, Zach Brooks (photo above, left), creator of the great, someone doing what he loves and sharing it with others in NY--and giving me a chance to do the same. Look forward to another food and wine adventure soon!

Check out the episode (click on link below):

French Wine Tasting – NYC Week Day 4 – Episode #729